Faulty Guitar Hero II Controller Fix

Red Octane has confirmed via its customer support team that unfortunately there is a batch of Guitar Hero II X Plorer controllers for the Xbox 360 with a faulty whammy bar. The problem causes whammy bar movements to either not be registered withint the game, or for there to be a slight delay before you whammy bar movements are represented on screen.

Red Octane has promised that unsatisfied customers can exchange their controllers at their place of purchase, or if purchased via their online store, can submit an RMA request and have the faulty controller exchanged.

The problem is isolated to two specific models of the controller, the numbers of which are 95065 and 95055.

However all is not as bad as it seems as the guys at have discovered a remedy to this problem which is as simple as loosening two screws and which does not void your warranty. Carefully follow the simple instructions and click on each of the images in order to view larger high resolution versions.

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overrated4269d ago

I must say the games price is a fuking rip off, 70 quid! add 30 quid and you can buy a PS2 with 2 games lol. but still its a gret game.

Icryo4269d ago

Well its not f*king good enough. I had a faulty model and am not going to fart around trying to fix something that has been overlooked on RedOctane's part. Although i am getting a replacement, but that isn't the point. You make something and then test what you've made, it's that simple. Atleast RedOctane are admitting the full issues, even giving out the faulty model numbers, unlike *cough Microsoft* who have yet to admit to the full extent of the problems with 360s getting the 3 red lights. There have been many theories on what causes it and possible solutiuons, but nothing confirmed by Microsoft. And they should reveal the real defective rates too...

Hooded Vendetta4269d ago

This should be taken down off this site, As you are voiding your warrenty by opening the guitar, DONT DO IT!!!

Norad64268d ago

Your NOT voiding your warranty. Do you see a seal or something on the outside of your guitar. No, therefor you are not voiding it. Read the whole article before you type genius.

Mikey_Gee4268d ago

.. that even if your guitar does have one of these serial numbers you will not FOR SURE have issues.

I thought it was only for guitars with the phone jack style port next to the cord ???

Mine is the 95065 serial but my phone jack thingy is on the back by the headset input.