PS3 finishes last in Australia.

We could've sworn things were looking good when we got this post up. Well, sure, we noticed that PlayStation 3 titles pretty much monopolized the software sales for a little bit, but that's not what should be counted on to deem a system's launch a success. Hardware is truly what counts and those numbers fell behind the competition, as you can see here. So, yes, the PS3 finished last in Australia, but they didn't lie about breaking records.

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techie4270d ago

lol we knew said it in the last statement. PS3 27,000 opening and 360 was around 29 and the Wii about they report it again?

kewlkat0074270d ago

I missed it the first time around, so I wasn't aware.

MaximusPrime4270d ago

so what.

still too early to say who wins the console war. give it another year to wait.

daomay4270d ago

More games please

Im owning Resistance and Motorstorm onlines

Give us Heavenly Sword Now Sony.

FeralPhoenix4270d ago

So why is this reported as "bad editing", he actually took out the "Ouch!" part and the question mark (?) from the source headline,(ps3fanboy) other than that its exactly the same....of course when it says "finishes last" its simply talking about the hardware launch sales....I think this does add some new info which I haven't seen. I'll wait before approving this, if one of you guys that reported it could clarify why it shouldn't be approved.

techie4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

OH my FG! Ten reports and it got through. This is just insane. Please READ the reports before you approve! This goes against the N4G editing rules.

Who is this We? There's no nothing. Jeeez don't approve unless you yourself understand the rules.

I honestly don't mind the article at all. It's informative and tells the truth about the numbers. PS3 didn't have a better laucnh in Australia than the 360 and Wii. Fact. But just approving it for some lame agenda without using the rules...well it gives the site a bad name...and I felt it was on the way up.

Bigmac5734270d ago

They just approve anything anti-PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.