Best E3 Driving Game - Gametrailers

Which racer had our hearts... racing?

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Jamie Foxx3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

ill guess forza for them i wont watch the video so if im wrong please correct me

GayASSAdmins3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Did you Expect GT5 to win with a Trailer and without a Live Demo Shown at E3? Or maybe did you expect GT on PSP to win against Forza 3?

Make a Game Win Thanks to a Trailer and no gameplay Against others who got Gameplay!

thats whats wavy to you

You seem pretty ridiculous fam.

Bob Dole3325d ago

Lol they didn't even have GT5 in the video. They had GT:PSP...

MiloGarret3323d ago

...I don't see you making those comments in in the threads concerning the categories Sony or anything affiliated with Sony wins. Whenever Sony wins everyone at n4g goes "oh well deserved" or "obvious choice", but whenever anything affiliated with MS wins it's "only because gametrailers are massive xbox 360 fanboys". Get the fück out of here. This site, and most people on it, is a joke.

Vote no to retardness, get your gaming news elsewhere.

cRaZyLeGs 933323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

The question is, what racing game will be up against GT5 at next years E3? Assuming it is released around the time.

siyrobbo3323d ago

didn't they award sony best conference and best graphics to unchartered 2?

projectile3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

IF GT5 comes out Forza 3 will be a hard competitor. But it really does not matter since they are on different consoles. I know several people who bought PS3 for GT5 a long time ago and they are still waiting...

EDIT: @1.6, yes they did.

Information Minister3323d ago

GT5 wasn't playable at E3. That's probably why Gametrailers left it out of the list. They did exactly the same thing last year.

@ 1.4 - Your absolutely right! There's no such thing as xbox fanboys commenting when Sony wins a category. And indeed this site, as well as the people in it are a joke (well you did post here didn't you?). /sarcasm

cRaZyLeGs 933323d ago

I got my ps3 for gt5. I got the prologue bundle

Hydrolex3323d ago

Forza 3

hundred of cars and tracks and features ??

What ?

GT5 has More cars, more tracks, more features, better graphics and ...

Gametrailers was owned by Microsoft so who cares anyways

cherrypie3323d ago


Really? You think gametrailers is **ALSO** part of the vast anti-PS3 conspiracy?

Wired, Time, BBC, Gametrailers, CNet, Joystiq and on and on and on. EVERY TIME some non-Sony *anything* gets an award or credit or anything, the SDF starts turning the "They're biased against %sony-product%" spin-machine.

You people are a laughing stock.

That said, i'm actually a little suprised they didnt mention Gran Turismo 5 for PS3.

But, I'm _S_U_R_E_ they are trying to ruin the PS3 and GT5 amirite?

Marcelles253323d ago

hey about hydrolex
he isn't with us in the sony camp
hes too big of a fanboy and he makes us PS3 owners look like crap

that was a well deserved win for forza they had alot of cometition
with dirt 2 and split/second

ManiacMan40043323d ago

Seriously, some of you need to leave this site. Jamie Foxx and Hydrolex, it is people like you that are running N4G into the ground. If you don't already realize, N4G is the laughing-stock of the gaming world because of blind-fanatics like you.

If GT5 had been demoed at E3, I guarantee it would have won, as it should. It's like running for President. If you don't run, you can't win. Polyphony Digital and Sony did not demo or let the press have hands-on, thus they can't win anything more than best trailer.

The Lazy One3323d ago

Gametrailers didn't let any games without gameplay footage or a demo in any of the prize nominations except for the "ones to watch" category.

GT5 wasn't in it because it wasn't playable, not because it's worse. Just like Dante's Inferno wasn't in anything except that and why a bunch of FPS's were left out of the best fps category.

king dong3323d ago

they wont leave...where else can they go????

n4g is a bastion and stronghold for the worst most pathetic sony fanboys on the net. no where else would they be accepted.

and they dont care that n4losers is a laughing stock of the net. they're all here together, but not only that, they've got loads of blog sites that write rubbish especially for these losers day in day out. even the mods are ridiculous. all blogs are allowed to reach the top of the page unhindered.

PS3 FanBaby3323d ago

Is better than GT5 so why are you guys surprised that GT5 got pwned by Forza?

Megatron083323d ago

Its no surprised that forza 3 won. as for all the sony fanboys crying that gt5 didnt win if sony would get there act together and actually get a game done in a reasonable amount of time or hell at least show up at e3 with something beside cg trailers maybe it would of had a chance of winning.

turn 10 was able to make both forza 2 and 3 in less time then they are takin with GT5. With the rate they are working on GT5 turn 10 might finish forza 4 and 5 before they get GT5 out too.

Marcelles253323d ago

that wasn't a CG trailer

and PS3 fanbaby.....
come on at least give gt5 its props because the trailer WAS in game and it looked GOOD

i have no problem admitting that forza 3 looks awesome how about you admit gt5 looks good or maybe uncharted 2 or heavy rain or god of war three stop being an xbox fanboy

and start being a fanboy of games

waltercross3322d ago

They showed GT5 PSP, not GT5 PS3, so relax people It's all good.

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xabmol3325d ago


They're just mad at GT5's non existent release date.

edhe3323d ago

Considering it should've been a launch title, isn't everyone?

kaelix3325d ago

[email protected] Article Picture!! I should've dragged my gf to prom in that thing for kicks haha dayum.

GayASSAdmins3325d ago

LOLL whut a Douche u would have been if u had done that.
on the real i heard those joints are the deal. I finna get me one.

Hydrolex3323d ago

Hydrolex To Gametrailer's managers:

Suck My D!ck little nerd f*ggot, My ballz taste better than Microsof !

gears223325d ago

GT5 was NOT playable that's why it wasn't up there

Parapraxis3323d ago

exactly, and it shouldn't be.
I want GT5, but if it had been awarded best racer with no hands-on demos i'd be very wary.

Sarcasm3323d ago

Honestly that's reasonable.

I wouldn't pick GT5 either because there was nothing to try out.

qface643325d ago

lol whatever game has those sweet wheels up there that's the best driving game x]

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