GamesRadar: Trash Panic Review

This is a perfect puzzle game that deserves a place in your collection. Essential.

You'll love:
* Simple, winning formula
* Creative fire and water mechanics
* Becomes increasingly complex

You'll hate:
* Difficulty may frustrate
* Follows well-worn falling-objects concept
* No proper save system

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GWAVE3354d ago

Yet another must-have PSN title that breaks away from the "same old, same old" genre mechanics.

Cajun Chicken3354d ago

I really like it, but I feel it needs more multiplayer modes. Soundtrack is awesome.

callahan093354d ago

Wow. As a big fan of Tetris/Columns/Dr. Mario/Mean Bean Machine/Puzzle Fighter/Falling block games in general, this review makes me want to log on and buy Trash Panic right now.

callahan093354d ago

Just as an update if anyone is curious, I bought the game, and so far I'm having a hard time with it. The appeal of falling-object puzzle games, for me, has always been their simplicity and accessibility, with hints of complexity under the surface. The problem I have with Trash Panic is that it completely bastardizes the concept of simplicity that you usually find in these sorts of games. It's over-complex and convoluted right from the very start. You have to worry about physics in ways far beyond simply situating your object and letting it slide into place. It WILL move into a different position as a result of the physics. You have to worry about the physical make-up of the object. Is it made out of steel, rubber, plastic, is it resistant or sensitive to fire or water? I played for about 2 hours last night, and could only pass the first 2 levels, after numerous failures. I was unable to get a rank better than "E" (the lowest) on any level. I failed a level miserably, got an "E", then I passed it and felt relatively good about my performance, STILL an "E". For me, this game sacrifices accessibility in favor of complexity, and this may be good for some people who only want to spent 5 dollars on a game that you'll have to play for countless hours to master, but for me, I just wanted a nice, fun, quick pick up and play title. This game was not for me. If you don't devote a significant amount of time to practicing and studying the concepts of the game, then you will fail.