Blood Bowl Release Date Announced

Game-Debate are now showing the newly confirmed release date for the brutal fantasy American Football game.

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KionicWarlord2223392d ago

This game looks bloody. lol this football looks brutal .

Foxgod3392d ago

Another exclusive to add to the list :)
I am not a fan of American football tho, give me Euro Football :)

Tomonobu Itagaki3392d ago

So if it's not exclusive, you wont buy it?

Foxgod3392d ago


*reads own post 5 times*
What on earth did you base your conclusion on ?

KionicWarlord2223392d ago

It still would be exclusive.

Baron Squee3392d ago

I am definitely going to give this a go.

DirtyLary3392d ago

A very good game. Deep with strategy and character. I suggest it to everyone.

It will be on XBL 360 in Sept.

Tarmgar3391d ago

Omg! Been watching this game for a couple of months when I heard about it leaving the boards and entering the digital scene. I can't wait for this badboy. It is soooo addicting to play.