What Makes Good DLC?

It is important that companies actually work on the content AFTER the game goes on sale - If anything will evoke a backlash from gamers, it is DLC that simply unlocks content on the game disk. People are already suspicious that game companies are trying to squeeze money from them. Completing content and purposely locking it on the disc just to gouge gamers a few weeks later will make consumers think twice before buying that company's next game.

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AssassinHD3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Extra game modes that are already on the disc and anything that can only be obtained at a certain retailer.That is what gamers want. Also, if you really want to bring your A game, make DLC that unlocks items that can be unlocked through normal game play, so gamers don't have to play the game at all. Yeah that is the good stuff. Who is with me?

SpoonyRedMage3387d ago

To me free DLC is the best DLC and happens to be the only DLC I'm interested in. I think DLC should be rewarding the customer for buying and enjoying the game not making them pay up for more, that's what Sequels are for.

PS360WII3387d ago

Good DLC is something that brings me back to playing the game.

CSM-101e3387d ago

and I'm just not seein' it. Most of the current DLC now isn't passing GO!, but it's damn sure collecting 200 dollars.

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