Atlus Announces Persona PSP for North America

Today, Atlus has confirmed the North American distribution of Persona for PSP, a remake of the very first game.

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oriol0033355d ago

another title for the psp go

stickskills3355d ago

Haha, here comes the PSP GO!

cyguration3355d ago

they've been getting all the good stuff lately...

Looks like DS owners can stick with their Sun, FLower, Rain crap.

omodis4203355d ago

that stuff is good ds is much better

dylandurden3355d ago

Ehi, DS is great :P

albeit this year PSP lineup is phenomenal.

omodis4203355d ago

is this coming out in UMD?

dylandurden3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Of course.

From now on, every PSP game will be on UMD + digital distribution, so we have the choice.

MajesticBeast3355d ago

awesome line up for 2009 psp. Now i need to buy a monsterhunter psp soon.

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