20° - Square Enix Hard at Work

Don @ writes:

"Square Enix has been hard at work lately regardless of how many Fanboy's they have irked, Square has gotten down to the nitty-gritty with games that have…not been mentioned at E3. Everyone has wondered what took Final fantasy XIII so long and expected a 2011 release here in the West. The US is supposedly getting this game in Spring 2010 at this point, despite the fact that the game has yet to release in japan, which leads me to believe that localization is stalling the overall project at this point."

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Chris Hansen3266d ago

Are you the same Don that used to write those flamebait articles from that crappy Final Fantasy blog?

You Already Know3266d ago

I don't have a Final Fantasy blog....

there's several "Don's" out's pretty random to try and link me to anyone out there other than myself...

SpoonyRedMage3266d ago

They're still hard at work on a LOT of other games. I want to know more about Dragon Quest Wars...:(

You Already Know3266d ago

very true, I was just going off the Final Fantasy theme and they seem to be trying to make up for the move they did with Microsoft if that is indeed the reason why development for FFXIII has been slowed this much...

or if the game is "gimped" on the PS3...

but at least we'll all find out by Summer 2010!