Persona PSP Bundle for America

Examiner: "Atlus will once again be giving US gamers a bountiful surprise. When Persona is released this September for the PSP, we won't just be getting a great game by itself. Atlus has decided to give us a little more for our buck."

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MattyF3324d ago

This = Day 1.

September 22nd can't come fast enough.

bym051d3324d ago

Altus is a company who acts like they really care about customers.

AllroundGamer3324d ago

i'm playing now their Crimson Gem Saga JRPG and its great, good old turnbase RPG, so i hope Persona will be even better.

ChampIDC3324d ago

Cool beans. I always liked the Persona games, but I never have the right consoles to play them. Now that I have a PSP, it's a good time to start.

jc485733324d ago

Sega would listen to their fans for once and release Yakuza 3 in US. Oh, Virtua Fighter 5 R would be sweet too.

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