Guitar Hero to get Phish this month

Like clockwork, Guitar Hero World Tour is again getting more music for Danny "Phenom" Johnson to set world records to. Today the sixth European Track Pack hits the digital shelves bundled and as singles. Included in this pack are:

Placebo – "The Bitter End" (France)
Loquillo y Trogloditas – "Cadillac Solitario" (Spain)
Finley – "Adrenalina" (Italy)

Then the progressive rock band Phish will make their first appearance in Guitar Hero with three live recordings later this month. Also coming this month to Guitar Hero are three tracks from Ben Harper and Relentless7's debut album, White Lies for Dark Times. The Phish Track Pack will be available on June 25th, while the Ben Harper and Relentless7 Track Pack will be out on June 18th.

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FrankenLife3322d ago

DAMN HIPPIES!!!! The drum circles will spread. The patchouli cloud will grow. This isn't a good thing.