PSU Review: Zen Pinball

There have been three "Golden Ages" of Pinball: the 1930s when modern pinball was popularised as a game played in bars and drugstores (and was subsequently banned by many U.S. cities as a gambling machine), the Post-War era when flippers were first introduced and the 1970s when pinball went electronic (and many of the bans were lifted). So what do these three eras have in common with each other, apart from the growth of pinball? They were all times of economic hardship when the public was crying out for cheap entertainment. Pinball fulfilled those needs perfectly and soon became a cultural icon of 20th century America.

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ian723357d ago

This is a very good pinball sim. If you like pinball then you should like this. I got it day 1 and think its great.

DTClown3357d ago

but I am looking forward to Crave releasing the PS3 version of PS2's Pinball Hall of Fame, The Williams Collection. I hear that it will include all the tables from the PS2 version as well as 1 or more new ones. Supposed to be released in the Fall I believe. CAN'T WAIT! I wish someone would do some Bally tables like Theatre of Magic!