Create Healthy Game Concept and Win $5000

Ripten writes: "Have you ever thought to yourself 'If I had the chance to create a video game it would seriously kick ass', well here is your chance to put your potential prize winnings where your mouth is.

I just got a letter a few moments ago from Humana, the Official Health Benefits Provider of the PGA TOUR, and they are looking for a 'new game concept' that will 'encourage people to become more active and live healthier lifestyles through games.'"

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Nostradavis3322d ago

Mmm a game about broccoli and treadmills. Sign me up!

Sandwich Bender3322d ago

Don't forget carrots and water bottles!

Nostradavis3322d ago

Carrots and water bottles are the only thing that get me through the day.

Trollimite3322d ago

i vote for my game its a wii exclusive, that will be pacaged with a big @ss hamster wheel! called the "the wii big @ss hamster wheel"

the object of the game is to run in the wheel (wii big @ss hamster wheel) to control your mii who is also in a virtual wii big @ss hamster wheel!

ill take that 5,000 dollars now!

Nineball21123322d ago

How about a new controller that makes you stand up and wave your arms and legs around?

Oh wait...

Nostradavis3322d ago

Hmm interesting, but not a "game". Keep trying though. Five thousand bucks is not bad in this economy.

Nineball21123322d ago

Okay, how about a screen that loads up and says:

"Hey, get off your lazy a$$ and go play outside!"

No? Hmmm... let me keeping working on this.

greeneggsnsam3322d ago

Perhaps a game which won't let you play it until you've done 300 press-ups on the balance board. You've got to work for your gaming, son!

Nostradavis3322d ago

So your idea is the military?

PotNoodle3322d ago

$5000 for the concept that is taken by a company which eventually earns them millions?

No thank you!

Nostradavis3322d ago

Maybe enough people will think that and then the winner will get $5000 for an idea so simple a caveman could have thought it up.

D4RkNIKON3322d ago


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