IndustryGamers: Pachter's Podium: PS3 Price Cut, iPhone 3G S, and a Sincere Apology

IndustryGamers writes: "Today on IndustryGamers we're happy to introduce a new monthly column with everyone's favorite video game industry analyst: Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter. Each month we will send him five questions to answer regarding top industry news and events – we will gladly listen to your suggestions for questions as well (send them to [email protected]) but we can't promise all will make the final cut.

In this first ever edition of "Pachter's Podium," the analyst discusses big E3 games, PS3 pricing, Nintendo and the hardcore audience, and he makes a sincere apology regarding previous statements he made on GameTrailers' Bonus Round show."

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Nineball21123393d ago

It's rare that you see someone publicly apologizing for their poor choice of words.

Gotta give Patcher props for owning up to that.

Beast_Master3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Can't find anything that I completely disagree with him on this time. I think Sony will be in a better position to cut the price in Oct. Like he said Sony has already basically said they are going to cut the price when they annouced the goal of 13 million consoles sold this year. I imagine with a UMDless PSP and a 250 price tag they are probably making 100 dollars profit on each one they sell so Perhaps a 100 dollar price drop is not out of the realm. But I think just a 50 dollar drop could be enough to spike sales to 13 million. I hope we reach 12 million here in the US by next year so I don't have a problem finding online matches for all these multiplayer games coming out.

Join the revolution gamers!

Claudinho693393d ago

basically patcher got the phone call

Insanium3392d ago

You know what Patcher? Good for you for owning up to your mistakes. And props for not starting a flame war like you do with almost every "analyzation" you make.