Crimson Gem Saga PSP Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: The RPG genre has not been kind to Sony's portable powerhouse. The UMD format has butchered more than its fair share of games with loading issues, and a lot of the ports that make their way to the PSP feel half-cocked when compared to the DS. Atlus is hoping to remedy that with their latest offering Crimson Gem Saga. Developed by new developed IronNos and Sonnori of the Astonishia Story series, CGS is a breath of fresh air that reminds me a lot of Blue Dragon in its simple approach to game design.

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Milky3327d ago

mm im gonna get this :).


Keith Olbermann3327d ago

I wish you could download it though. Since the announcement of the psp go, I am limiting my umd buys because I'll be selling my old psp.

ButterToast3327d ago

same here. right now I'm only downloading games for my PSP, that way when I do upgrade to the PSP Go, i won't have to worry about my UMDs. I hope they release it on the PSN so I can pick it up.

Becko3327d ago

what's the point in having a smaller screen ?

IronChefWong3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

The screen size is a little smaller but overall it decreases the size of the unit drastically. Hell there are enough stuff I need to put in my pockets (cellphone, wallet, keys, and possibly an iPod) There simply isn't any extra room to fit my PSP-1000.

With a much portable shape, I'm sure other gamers and myself would be more inclined to take it on the GO since its not like a giant brick in my pocket anymore.