Lens of Truth: Fight Night Round 4 Demo Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "The Fight Night Round 4 demo was available to all Xbox Gold Members on May 28th, and to PlayStation Network users and Xbox Silver members on June 4th. So we had to wait a week until we got our hands on both copies to do our Head2Head. So stick around to see which version reined the true champ of this main event."

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rucky3389d ago

My fanboy goggle tells me PS3 but surprisingly when I take it off I don't see the difference anymore. *GASP*

360 man3389d ago

i think they were being real kind to the ps3 in giving it a tie

dustgavin3389d ago

Says the bot with 360 in his screen name.

chaosatom3389d ago

Says the troll with 360 in his screen name.

Harry_Manback3389d ago

But probably because my 360 doesn't have hdmi :O

Otherwise, they're pretty much the same.

really duh3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Eurogamer will show greater differences as they always do. The PS3 version is slightly more washed out and is fuzzy(poor contrast) The 360 version is sharper and has more detail on the fighters. If you can't see that when you switch the two versions in that bottom match up(BOX) you're kidding yourself. The tattoo's and the detail on the boxers shorts are more pronounced on the 360 version. *360 man* is right they let the PS3 version slide on this one, most likely because this is such a high profile title. Eurogamer won't be so kind.

The PS3 version is not as sharp doesn't have the same quality detail on the fighters and their shorts and is slightly washed out. end of story.

Information Minister3389d ago

Says the fanboy without 360 in his screen name.

OmarJA3389d ago

No fanboyism here I'll be honest for once :

PS3 version FTW!

OmarJA3389d ago

How about some exclusives comparisons ?

really duh3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

The PS3 version is inferior there is no way of getting around it. Kicking and screaming won't change the fact. Lat box shows the PS3 version is inferior when you look at the tatto's, wrist cloths, Boxer shorts and and the gloves.

Have a nice day :)

marinelife93389d ago

A buddy brought his 360 over and we played them back to back. We were both more impressed with the look of the PS3 version. It was easier to see some of the sweat effects that sprayed off of landed shots and the colors looked more natural.

dragunrising3389d ago

I like lens of truth for being objective...however they have the worst servers. Every time one of their articles hits n4g, it takes minutes to load if at all. Boo.

Fight Night Round 4 looks great though.

7ero H3LL3389d ago

funny how they didn't notice the anti aliasing or texture differences that both have.

360 closeup

ps3 closeup

360 skin closeup.

ps3 skin closeup


360 window sill edge closeup

ps3 window sill edge closeup

jaidek3389d ago

Looks like they got their server fixed. I saw this on the their chat:

"LoT_Corey: Looks like our server has been fixed. Stupid Apache settings..."

Still, nothing brings sites to their knees like N4G.

evildeli3389d ago

If you find that funny, you've got a weird sense of humor.

commodore643389d ago

Is kinda funny that they called it a tie, when they made mention of things like:

"The only issue we came across was PlayStation 3’s loading. While loading to the fight, the music would become choppy and even cut off."

"We did notice a slight frame rate dip on the PS3 version while in character celebrated his victory..."

But yeah. I guess overall good news for 360 owners and ps3 owners this time.

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Pennywise3389d ago

These comparisons are old. Especially comparing games from a company that knows how to program the PS3.

Mikerra173389d ago

it does seem only good developers can make a game look and play good on the ps3

Consoldtobots3389d ago

you can say that again, not to mention the fact that so far the game plays like a polished turd. Im still holding out hope because I see a legacy mode in the demo menu, which hopefully brings back Tsunodas version of total punch control. This is yet another example of a new developer fixing what ain't broken. Total punch control in Rd3 was VISCERAL and BRUTAL only marred by the ridiculous amount of time they penalize you for getting parried. The "new" total punch control might as well be a button masher. You have NO WAY of transferring your individual thumb strength to the punches in the game and believe me punching power is allowed me to beat people with MUCH better records than mine. Like I said, if legacy mode doesn't bring back REAL total punch control then I done with this franchise as EA ruins yet ANOTHER great series.

RudeSole Devil3389d ago

Don't care what anyone say Xbox360 won this again.

PirateThom3389d ago

Yes, that's often how fanboyism works.

rucky3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I'm guessing you can't read either?

Pennywise3389d ago

I always get a kick out of the low bubble guys.

RudeSole Devil3389d ago

Its my opinion and I think the Xbox360 version looked better. Deal with it.

Calvin_ISA3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Poor guy.. Opinions tell a lot about a person, and your opinion either means you're blind, or you can't read, or you're just plain stupid. Your call.

An example of a bad opinion: Saying the 2007 Miami Dolphins were better than the 2007 New England Patriots. BAD OPINION, and a really stupid thing to say.

They both look really good, and they're almost identical.

Sarcasm3389d ago

"Yes, that's often how fanboyism works. "

LMAO Pirate Thom. That's perhaps one of the funniest comments I've seen all day.

boodybandit3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

We are dealing with it. We are mocking and laughing at you.

Sorry but I usually chuckle at anyone that gets so serious over these stupid comparison articles.

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MegaMohsi3389d ago

Tie? Wow I'm shocked.


jaidek3389d ago

Well, not all games are created equal when it comes to cross platforms. I am glad to see that EA isn't aware of this! Great job with the conversion!

Nelson M3389d ago

I'm gonna Create Clubber Lang
And then a Scrawny Assed featherweight BoT
And Knock 12 rounds of Monkey Piss outa that BoT with Clubber

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