Tweet My Gaming review by GameStooge

GameStooge gives its opinion on Tweet My Gaming, a live Twitter feed of gaming, and marvels at the possibilities.

Excerpt: "At an afterparty at E3 2009, I was introduced to something called "Tweet My Gaming", a unique site run by GamerDNA. Basically, what it does is troll live Twitters for game references, and posts them. Essentially, what you get is a hypnotic steam-of-consciousness about video gaming, as people post tweets about their gaming habits. You'll have someone tweeting, "Okay I'm getting pretty psyched for Fight Night Round 4." while someone else posts, "Have you drooled over the 3 newest, official screenshots of BioShock 2 yet?" as they post a link to an article. You'll get a girl cooing, "Orderd [sic] The Sims 3 At Last.WOOHOO!" while someone else will tweet, "thinks Tiger Woods 10 and Wii Motion Plus are a match made in heaven. Thanks for making my #Wii relevant again." Indespersed in all of this are professional and industry tweets from magazines and organizations about articles and industry news. It's quite the gestalt of gaming."

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