CivilizedGamers: World at War Map Pack 2 Impressions

Call of Duty: World at War's second map pack - appropriately titled "Map Pack 2" - was released today for PS3, XB360, and PC. The new map pack includes 3 new deathmatch maps (Banzai, Sub Pens, Corrosion) and a 4-player co-op map (Shi No Numa), all for $10USD.

CivilizedGamers took the map pack for a spin through team deathmatch and came away impressed.

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DECEPT1KON3351d ago

cod waw dlc2 ever since downloading this , (this morning) i try to set up a game with mates and all i get is incompatible;e game message

sucks ass

it did ask me to update the game when i placed it in but didn't for my mate :(