Uncharted 2 will have DLC, specifics a mystery

TVGB: "During our eyes-on session at E3 last week with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, despite the near-deafening cacophony surrounding us, I asked co-president of Naughty Dog, Evan Wells, if there were plans for DLC. Guess what? There are! Of course, additional prying, bribery with snack foods and Charlie Suh as a personal photographer were met with the predictable, "I can't talk about it." Well played, sir, but now we speculate."

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Cajun Chicken3324d ago

Hmm. Uncharted would be a perfect game to attempt 'episodes' with, although, its probably just MP DLC.

JL3324d ago

usually i'm not one too big on dlc (especially stuff you have to pay for), but when i get to thinking about this, i totally agree. i'm thinking like each dlc be like a treasure map and you sort of go on a mini expedition to find it. maybe with a lil emphasis on puzzle stuff. i could definitely go for that.

TheColbertinator3324d ago

Damn it.I was hoping they would release a full game

Ps_alm3k3324d ago

and then all of a suddenly sparking new ideas...
you know ND have unlimited creativity, gotta let it flow otherwise we wait extra month
to put it all in. Besides its already done.

PataponKnight3324d ago

Instead of nazi zombies, you fight the descendants!!