Natal Launch Will Be As Big As 360's

Kotaku writes: "On that day in the future when Microsoft launches its E3-darling Project Natal no-touch control system, it will feel like a console launch, a company exec told Kotaku.

Forget the launch of previous gaming cameras and mics like the PlayStation Eye or the Xbox Live Vision Camera when you try to imagine the impact Microsoft's Project Natal will have on billboards, TV channels and other places where ads run."

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KionicWarlord2223352d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

"Conceptually, the launch of Natal will be like the launch of Xbox 360," Microsoft's head of long-term Xbox 360 strategy, Shane Kim, told Kotaku during an interview at E3. "It's going to be that big. We're not just going to ship it when the hardware and software are ready. We have to make sure that there are enough content experiences that are really good. That's similar to how you would think of the launch of a new console. It's got to have a great launch line-up. That's the same thing here."

Wonder what titles will be coming for Natal...


As for who Microsoft hopes to catch with the Natal net, Kim said, "We're not focused on this generation's casual gamers or even PS2 people who haven't upgraded. This is about the 60% of households were a video game console doesn't exist… the problem is that the controller is a barrier for some people and now with Project Natal we completely eliminate that."

Hopefully shane kim`s right.


Deviant3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

"This is about the 60% of households were a video game console doesn't exist… the problem is that the controller is a barrier for some people and now with Project Natal we completely eliminate that."

Hopefully shane kim`s right. "

stop praising MS's [email protected]
This is almost the worst statement he could make (IMO). If they are only looking for the casual "gamers" (and yes ppl who are afraid of controllers CAN be described as casual gamers if they are gamers at all) they'll completely forget real games -.- .

KionicWarlord2223351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I edited and said

"Hopefully shane kim`s right. "

About what he`s commenting on . Praising has nothing to do with it.

[email protected] below yes It does make sense .

Deviant3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

"We're not focused on this generation's casual gamers [...]This is about the 60% of households were a video game console doesn't exist [because] the controller is a barrier for some people"
...makes sense, doesn't it?

GWAVE3351d ago

The sad fact of this gaming generation is that the media spins everything. Just a couple of months ago, all of the concepts shown for Natal (i.e. face recognition, full-body interaction, etc) would have been labeled as "kiddy" or "casual". Oh my! What's this? They actually WERE labelled as "kiddy" and "casual", because motion controls and video-capture games have been around for a while now.

Yet, Microsoft (the spinmasters of this generation) takes an old idea, repackages it, and calls it "a revolution", and the blind media sits up like a puppy begging for food and says "Yes master!"

It's pathetic. It really is. It makes me want to be a PC-only gamer.

Omega43351d ago

"takes an old idea, repackages it, "

Really!? So what the name of this device which can detect full body motion, has face recognition, voice recognition and can scan in objects?

Cause you just sound like a jealous fanboy to me.

GWAVE3351d ago


It's known at the PS3 Eye.

Full body motion? Check.
Facial recognition? Check.
Voice recognition? Nope, hasn't been used yet, but it has a built-in speaker
Image scanning? Check.

Kushan3351d ago

The PS3Eye does NOT do full body motion. All it does is sample the scene without you in it, then use that to work out where you are by looking at the differences (The Xbox Live Vision cam can do the same). This is an entirely Two-Dimentional process and is very susceptable to lighting conditions, as well as the surroundings. Got the lights off and wearing black? Good luck getting that to work.

Natal has TWO cameras and uses INFRARED to figure out where you are in 3D space. It's not susceptible to light and can track individual body movements, regardless of where or what they are.

Voice recognition? Yeah, sure, you're right that it's just a software issue. But what is Microsoft? Oh yeah - a software company. They've had actual working voice recognition technology for years now and it's still being worked on and improved. Plug a mic into your vista computer for a taste of it, or try out the much improved version in 7 - that's the software Natal will be using for voice recognition. Sony would have to either buy in the technology themselves, or spend years researching it to get it to the level Microsoft has it at today.

Omega43351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

So the PS3 Eye can track your WHOLE body and it can even recognize facial got any evidence for that actually working, cause if thats true thats a good thing cause Natal should be dead cheap to buy then

The Master Chief3351d ago

Gwave= Desperate Sony fanboy scared over how much bigger Natal is going to make Xbox 360.

No more. No less.

McRad3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

You guys might hate him and disagree but GWAVE is right man. I want the Natal and all and will probably get one sooner than most of the people hyping it, but it is what it is man, a Super Eyetoy/PSEye. All you gotta do is look up any of the tech demos for the cameras or some of their games and you'll see they've already said/done the same sh*t as Natal. I don't know why people have short term memories when it comes to that.

But where their weaknesses and where Natal's potential strength lies in is the support. I'm guessing MS saw Wii Fit and thought they could launch ANOTHER camera peripheral (remember that Vision camera no one has?) and garner support this time around. They're going to have to otherwise the thing will see an ok success and then stagnate and eventually die especially since it's a peripheral. Developers won't develop on it because people aren't buying it, and people won't buy it because it's not being supported. It's a vicious cycle that has happened with the OTHER 3 CAMERAS I just mentioned.

Hopefully it works, because there are some things I'd like to see done that still lies in concept area with these things. And hopefully this spurs people on Sony's end to get off their ass with the PSEye and start packing it in with the system or making sure it gets used outside of taking stupid pictures for games. This will in turn spur MS to do more on their end, and competition will create better games for everyone.

ShabzS3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

and the challenges ahead for it pls read this article

jcgamer3351d ago

1. At MS`s E3 conference, they made sure everyone understood that Natal would work with every manufactured 360.
2. Shane Kim said the 360 would have a life cycle to 2015.
3. The amount of press is CRAZY, just like a newly announced console.
4. Now, of course, this article confirms that MS will put a ton of cash to the marketing and launch...MS put a rumored $500 million into the launch of the 360.

I`m thinking Natal won't be cheap guys...I think it will launch at a little over $100 bucks...maybe $129?

Downtown boogey3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Isn't it obvious they're gonna launch Natal-equipped Xbox 360 like a new console?
Wii'd 360 if you may...

It's not just an add-on it's a completely new Natal-360 SKU!
Cost separately from 50-100 bucks, I'd say.

RememberThe3573351d ago

That is a pretty big risk.

I can see why thy feel the need to support this 100%, because its arguable that if Sony had put more support behind the EyeToy it would have done better.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm exited for the tech. However, as a gamer, I'm wiry about how it's going to be applied. If all we're going to see are some half ass Rare games then this will not be worth it. They really need to get this right.

*crosses fingers*

ravinash3351d ago

most of what Natal can do has already been done...and yes I do mean the Playstation eye and software like Eyepet (or what ever its called). Plus we already know its coming out, its a product already on its way to market unlike Milo who more than likely is just a prototype program to show off what it can do.
Unfortunately its been proven that the Milo program isn't exactly accurate to what the end product will be.
For starters everyone who had a chance to try Milo out commented on the guy sitting in the back manipulating the program and the open ended questions which indicate that it is not infact responding to what your saying.
The big selling point and the thing I don't like about this presentation was the fact that they are trying to present AI that it just isn't there.

Now hold on just a second before you call me a fan boy, because there is one other point I want to make.
Natal is a GOOD thing. aside from the AI thing and voice recognition. The fact that MS are getting in on the motion detection act will help move the industry to create new thing...and some of them might be good.
Things like 3D imaging where the camera monitors where your face is. then when your head moves to the side your view point on the screen changes to make it look 3D. imagine looking round the corner to look at whats happening just off screen or what just behind that character.
There are a lot of good things that can be done using those little camera so if everyone is getting in on the act then I expect good stuff to come out in future.

ShabzS3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

You seem to believe that the milo demo was staged behind closed doors.

But pls read this interview with molinuex as he explains about the presence of the mystery man behind the tv

Jinxstar3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

@ Omega4.

Here is a thread on here with a lot of the older PS2 tracking technology. They have already proven head tracking possible with the PS3 eye.

Lots of youtube vids and other stuff in there. As far as live demos and not that PR video MS put out with "Potential" there is no difference from tech from a few years ago and what G-wave said they "Repackaged". So basically he is right.

Also try and think about recognition of things like "The eye of judgment". It's pretty neat and has been out for YEARS already... Until they actually prove that you can hold up a skateboard and have it scanned in with as much ease as the kid did on the video it's all smoke and mirrors guys. Infra red scanning something without a heat signature... makes sense right?

Look I don't care if all these hardcore guys think that hitting balls down a hall or painting an elephant is the coolest thing ever... I'll take the last guardian, Ratchet and clank, god of war 3 and heavy rain over that junk anyday. If it is for you thats cool but IT IS NOT NEW!!!! Disagree, take my bubs and throw me on ignore but at least explain why you think I am wrong and be smart about it not "Milo is new" because if you have been around for any length of time you would have heard about Seaman... 10 year old tech that is very similar... Besides Milo has already been proven to be smoke and mirrors by gametrailers and a bunch of other sites.

but really enjoy your controllerless halo games guys...

Rainstorm813351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I think Natal has the potential to be great yet very dangerous for the hardcore gaming community. With the Wii the iPhone and now NATAL, casual gamers are starting to outnumber the hardcore. Devs will start looking at the casual gamers as cash cows and possibly less and less quality hardcore games will end up being made.

Just look at E3; EA & Ubisoft pretty much fully went casual during their press conf. (esp. Ubisoft) Ultimately Nintendo may have unleashed hell on us hardcore gamers and I PROMISE MS will do ANYTHING for Natal to succeed. (60% of households with NO games no hardcore gamers are in that household) please MS dont forget the hardcore.

The Dark Side clouds everything.

I pray im wrong

HoofHearted3351d ago

I think a lot of video gamers are going to end up getting hurt in the long run by this if it's as big as some people think it's going to be.

Fanboys from ALL sides laugh now (I'm not a fanboy, I may like PC gaming the most but I also love my 360 and PS3) but I doubt they'll be laughing when they stop seeing as many hardcore games for their favorite systems.

I honestly hope NATAL fails (and Sony's motion control fails) because I'm sick and tired of Microsoft and Sony trying to compete with Nintendo. Let Nintendo have the casual and motion control market. SOMEONE needs to stick to the hardcore market or ALL hardcore gamers are hurt in the end.

This isn't about Sony or Microsoft, it's about the future of the core gamer market because all the gaming companies are trying to make the CASUAL market the NEW core market.

RussDeBuss3351d ago

The thing with these motion controllers is that if they are going after casual gamers its gonna have to be bundled with a console and sold at a good price for people to be interested, That is why wii was a success, releativly cheap(especially compared to other consoles out at the timne of launch) and is built around motion controls.

How much is likely to cost, if the tech is advanced like some claim, it aint gonna be cheap, plus i would assume it will need a hard drive so arcade won't work, and when is it gonna come out? 360 is getting a bit old now already, when this eventually comes out it is likely that 360 will look even older comapred to ps3(forza already on 2 discs) and it could be soon after that ms bring out the next xbox, whcih would put casual gamers.

playstation may have a similar problem, they can sell the tech chaeper as ps eye is cheap already and the controlers are nothing more advanced than a sixaxis in a dildo shape with a lightbulb, but ps3 is still xpensive and will also put off casual gamers, but at least ps3 has more life in it than 360 and may be chaeper by the time its released, and they could maybe bundle it in cheaply.

a far as more serious and the hardcore games, i see many people shying away from both options, i see more use in sony's option as more acurate and has buttons so more like a conventional controller but unless some killer games come out that use the tech many won't bother, and for natal i just can't see it as a serious alternative to a controler for anything other than party style games.

without buttons you will be limited in the amount u can do in game

FamilyGuy3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Good luck with that...

Them launching this peripheral as though it were a console means two things to me:
1. It will be supported much better than other accessories that were supposed to add to your gaming enjoyment
2. It will be EXPENSIVE

There's a good and bad to it, LUCKILY consumers get to make the choice.

lokiroo4203351d ago

SO by releasing it like a console, are they saying its going to be rushed and extremely flawed, are the cameras going to melt at a rapid rate? If I was M$ I would have stated its launch in other terms.


"stop praising MS's [email protected]
This is almost the worst statement he could make (IMO). If they are only looking for the casual "gamers" (and yes ppl who are afraid of controllers CAN be described as casual gamers if they are gamers at all) they'll completely forget real games -.- . "

oh yeah sure let the people who would never buy a 360 for ANY reason deicide the fate of natal's success.

this is as dumb as asking a vegetarian how good the stake is at a stake house.

FamilyGuy3351d ago

This seems to cater to those NOT interested in gaming at all.
They're going for a market that's worse than the casual gaming market so don't expect too much towards core gaming aspects.

Sarcasm3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I think it's funny that MS self pro-claims that they are a technology company. But I'm starting to think they're better at marketing. If I was Sony, I'd pay MS to market for me. Why? Because the PS Eye would have been a 'revolution' and Killzone 2 might have sold 8 million copies since it would have had Burger King fries and Victoria's secret underwear.

I don't know, they're like Jedis or something. They can easily brainwash and mindtrick the media and it's followers. At the same time, they're also masters at marketing which is a good thing as far as selling their products.

MS, such an American company. Quantity over quality, but marketing over substance.

RussDeBuss3351d ago

ah yes, the american way of doing business. so great, full of l,ong term success. (heart of the gloabal economic crisis, cough cough)

Ju3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I just thought the same thing. This thing will be a fad (100% guaranteed). If M$ burns through cash just to be "original" (which they aren't), this will be known as the biggest failure in gaming history in the books of the future.

I guarantee you, after you play the second race game standing for an hour holding your arms up straight and getting cramps in your legs you will be begging for a wheel or a controller.

NATAL-FTW3351d ago



green3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

They hate it with a passion.

@Below: I have been on N4G for the past 2 years and i have never seen them soo mad.E3 09 definitely brought out the worst in them.

3351d ago
Jinxstar3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )


They got tired of arguing. Honestly if you don't like the exclusives they have released this year like Killzone 2 and infamous and aren't looking forward to games like the last guardian, DC universe, Pixel junk Shooter, Fat princess, Heavy rain, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, FF14, The Agency, Free Realms, Ratchet and Clank just off the top of my head. and you want to play "hit the ball down the coridor" and "Paint an Elephant" then you win at 360. It's pointless arguing with you just as much as it is with me. They have gone nowhere.

It is the year of the PS3. If you don't want to pony up for the pleasure of owning the best and most powerful console on the market then thats your beef. i will be enjoying every game on either PC or PS3 that I want to play. can you say the same? If you truly think every single sony exclusive announced for this year and early next is bad then I guess your right.

I personally hate Halo(There goes most of MS's line up) Crackdown 2... Well we'll see. no release date yet... And thats about it. Everyhting else worth playing is on PC.

Edit: look you guys. Natal isn't making any PS3 fan jealous in anyway. I sold my 360 long ago and wont be running out to buy one anytime soon and I can easily afford one. If you saw my links above we have been enjoying this kind of tech for years. Most decent sites gave sony the win for E3. Because they actually had the games to show. They truly did. MS has just had horrible PR. Look at Turn 10 and Greenburg and Valve lately. They seem scared as hell. Heck check out GT's interview with John Shappert

"Our big summer game is joyride" You know what?... I'm done arguing with you guys. You wont get it and it's pointless. Thats the way the others you mentioned above went. Please do me a favor and DON'T buy a PS3. Deprive yourselves and watch all the amazing reviews of games you can't play keep rolling out waiting for your big next Natal game like "Pin the tail on the Donkey " or "Halo: Marching Practice"

Edit 2: @ below Halo Reach, Crackdown 2 and many others on top of that.

I'll do one better. I'll eat your hat.

RussDeBuss3351d ago

M$ brings their games out in the same year of the announcement, every time

cough, ALAN WAKE, FF13, MGS-R, etc.

I will eat my hat if NATAL is out and working with all its features by next e3.

Eddie201013351d ago

Overly simplified games for casual gamers don't mean Crraap to me.

To me trying to cater to the casual market with hardware that you are losing money on is kinda of dumb (Yes Microsoft is still losing money on every console sold). Casual gaming by its nature is just that, they don't buy that many games, and real gamers won't buy overly simplified games.

Nintendo has the best idea for casual gamers. They make a profit on every console sold. It's easy to make a game for because its last gen technology, making games cheaper for consumers. Casual gamers don't care about having the best graphics or even notice the difference to begin with. They have a controller that is easy to use and at the same time gives them the illusion of using advanced technology (debatable), making them feel as much like a real gamer as anyone else.

Microsoft's controller free solution is not the solution.

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Omega43351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

"it will feel like a console launch" So it will probably surpass Halo 3......scary

Nintendo better find a way to counter this cause the Wii Vitality Sensor probably wont cut it

In fact this could be a huge turning point to how the current console generation is headed

KionicWarlord2223351d ago

I hope Natal shows a big reaction towards other people. More devs might want to make games for it.

Omega43351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Hopefully all the devs who were planning on hardcore Wii games will move their attention to Natal. I can definitely see a game like Madworld actually selling on the 360.

Plus it could mean a huge load of new IPs for the 360 as well since i doubt a lot of companies are going to want to risk their major franchises first, they will likely test it with something new

Jinxstar3351d ago

I replied to your comment above omega.

3351d ago
Jinxstar3351d ago

@ Xbox360 fun

I have been on tis site for a long long time and I remember when it was 360 fanboys en mas and I was down to 3 bubs. I have never made a second account and only ever had this one. Apparently you think I am a moron or something. Well truth is I have seen very few morons on this site with as many bubs as myself but plenty with the amount you have.

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iDystopia3351d ago

lol Poor last place Droids!!!

LordMarius3351d ago

we already had a motion peripheral, but you keep telling yourself that this will do something for you.

PirateThom3351d ago

Enjoy your casual mini-games.

iDystopia3351d ago

Who said it was only going to be casual mini-games?? You??


PirateThom3351d ago

If EyeToy and Wii have taugt us anything, it's that motion controls = casual mini-games.

iDystopia3351d ago

Keep crying droid.

This will be integrated into controller games like Bungie and Epic are already using it. This isn't the eyetoy and will have multiple uses. I will continue playing

Maff Effect 2
Halo: Reach
Modern Warfare 2
Bioshock 2
Gears of War 3
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Left 4 Dead 2
Crackdown 2
and everything else...but this is going to be HUGE for Xbox.

Poor little PS3.....Fandroids go play your last place Six axis or Dildo mote hahahahahahha


OmarJA3351d ago

Your a smart guy why replaying to that moron ?

He'll just look like an idiot playing that thing :

PirateThom3351d ago

It's fun to reply to casual gamers.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Reports in today of a rising epidemic among 360 users...players using NATAL enhanced fight night are knocking themselves out at an alarming rate. Despite disclaimers warning players not to swing at each other, those messages have fallen on deaf ears amongst the xbox community, leading to a 30% rise in brain damage among American Teenagers nation wide.

user39158003351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Let the thruth be told, they are 2 different designed and the only thing that really matters its the best one and considering the facts shown so far, MS wins it hands down. Its either you love it or hate it and there its nothing more realistic than natal. In order for either of the other 2 companies to get where MS is, its nearly impossible because MS has the rights to the technology to both voice recognition, infrared speculation combined in three axes of a virtual plane. The license along to get into that environment will be tremendous and I doubt that neither Sony nor nintendo will buy the license, Therefore they will always be behind the competition.

Narutone663351d ago

defect rate.
You want to see what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like? Bam!

ozhuerta3351d ago

"Maff Effect 2"? WTF is that?

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kewlkat0073351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

screw up supply chain/production and make it seem it's Too Hot to stay on shelves...also bundle an EA HD sports package.

Reading this tells me they have some of the brightest working on this thing...

Redgehammer3351d ago

Johnny is one smart dude, his head tracking video with the wiimote blew my mind when i first saw it, nice score for MS hiring that guy.

3351d ago
ShabzS3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

oo boy they are gonna market the sh*t out of this then ...

StanLee3351d ago

Did you see Jimmy Fallon last night? The audience was eating it up. It's all anyone in my office wants to talk about today. It was also shown on a local news affiliate here in New York.

ShabzS3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

the crowd was definitely loving it ... john krazinski, jimmy falon and minority report technology all together in front of your eyes at once... You just cant go wrong there ....

the late show circuit is the best place to show case the technology ... thats where the regular folks go to unwind after a long day ... and if you wanna blow their minds and have them stunned before they go to bed ... thats the place to do it

cbs, bloomberg, abc all had pieces on natal