VidZone - Impressions Of Release Version (AATG)

VidZone today launched on European and Australian PS3's via the PSN. AATG had a look at release features and decided it won't beat Youtube for checking out videos, but the service will be great for parties and having friends over.

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snaz273355d ago

and i have to say i was pretty impressed, also i have to disagree with the aritcle in the sense that youtube is better, as more often than not the vids jump all the time and the picture quality is much worse than vidzone, i have 20mb broadband so i never saw why the youtube vids would judder so much... i will agree tho that the search function should be changed to allow you to type the name in and not have to scroll to each letter... also cos of the high demand it was not loading up sometimes and giving various errors, but i guess thats to be expected as its a new thing, hopefully over time they can make some improvements but for now its pretty darn good and im very happy with it.

achira3355d ago

i think its really awesome. and its much better than youtube in quality.

jack_burt0n3355d ago

its great ads are small and subtle its the ultimate party jukebox, interface is smart and its FREE thats a pure win from me.

DeforMAKulizer3355d ago

Anyone tried it outside the permitted countries?
I downloaded it, but it keeps on giving me an error every time i launched it...

Lucreto3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

LOL I looked the most frequently viewed videos and Rick Astley was near the top.

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