Dragon Portals review at Casual Gamer Chick

Casual Gamer Chick reviews the Zuma-style action-puzzle game Dragon Portals for PC and Mac.

Excerpt: "The game's plot revolves around Mia, a Chinese girl who is teleported into a mystical land where flying dragons have been bound to earth with dark magic, which is causing them to plummet to the ground. In order to keep them aloft long enough to escape through magic portals, you must knock balls from higher to lower dragons to cause matches of at least three balls. Creating matches helps them keep aloft, and hesitation causes the dragons to slowly descend. You can only knock balls out if it will create a match; knocking a ball to create two matches at once clears both dragons temporarily with balls. As with Zuma, multiple match combos may occur. As you progess through the seventy single player campaign levels, you can earn powerups that appear when combos are created. When you finish a level, you can score double points during the outro just before the dragons escape in the magic portals."

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