Spawn Kill Review: Killing Floor

Future Man of Spawn Kill writes:

"Killing Floor clearly didn't have any Hollywood scriptwriters on board to supervise the story. There aren't any painstakingly choreographed scripted events to further draw one into the universe Tripwire Interactive has presented here. The game isn't running on the latest technology, in fact, to put it simply, it's relatively dated. There's absolutely no new ground being broken and the setting isn't remotely unique. To top it off, the entire game is based off of a mod that released for Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2005. So now that I've managed to make it sound like an atrocious piece of budget ware, let me explain why it is everything but."

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K-Tuck3270d ago

Could this be the Serious Sam of survival horror games?

tigresa3270d ago

Could this be the awesomeness of games being cheap while the junky games stay expensive? I wish I had a gaming PC to support this!! <3 Survival horror the most.