Tech Olive: Prototype Review (PC)

Tech Olive writes: "By no means was I expecting or anticipating the release of Prototype, I just hadn't paid much attention to the pre-release. Many gamers were very excited for its upcoming release but it had never quite demanded my attention. I didn't really see much about it that was very exciting. Granted, I didn't see much about it at all, for which only I can be blamed. From first looks, Prototype seems to borrow quite a few things from GTA IV. By no means is Prototype a "GTA clone", but it very nearly falls into that category. In fact, it's more of a Spider-Man game when you think about it. The bastard child of Spider-Man and Niko Bellic (Protagonist from GTA IV). Certainly an interesting child, but is it worthy of our time?"

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khrisnifer3385d ago

The game is epic - action games don't get better than this.