Arma 2 Massive Battle Video

Koku Gamer writes: "A new video has surfaced on Arma 2 gameplay. If you ever dreamed of playing a action packed war shooter, Arma 2 is exactly here to bring that. With such massive battles to include more than 1,500 A.I. soldiers into the game and let you go crazy on them. Here is a trailer to prove it. Hit the jump and enjoy your viewing."

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Shade3603324d ago

I for one can't wait.. 1,500 AI's to shoot? bring it on!

darkmurder3324d ago

1500 AI my ass, it only lets you assign 144 of any unit to each side. So at most you will have 144 combined planes/soldiers for each side, theres 4 sides I think? so that makes it about 500ish if true.

Cinotix3324d ago

Holly shiz, intense as heck, would love to see it on consoles.

Wonderfulwest3324d ago

this isnt on 360 as i would get it. looks awsome

Ziriux3324d ago

Yea I don't think the 360 can actually handle the power of 1500 something soldiers on the field.

Marcelles253324d ago

it will be almost identical to this game but dumbed down for consoles

SpitFireAce853324d ago

1500 A.I where all i saw was some dude running around
and bunch of explosions

hitthegspot3324d ago

Ya, Agree. I never saw 1500 A.I. I saw more than 1500 blades of grass. My favorite was at about 3:20 the random shooting at the deadly blades of grass and my personal favorite, the look away shotting at 3:27. Where is the squad, what is the point, what was the objective, am I suppose to be Andy McNabb in "The One That Got Away"?

DecayingMadness3324d ago

yeah this video just made this game look boring...

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The story is too old to be commented.