Edge: Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Given Naughty Dog's reputation for modest poise, there was never much of a doubt as to whether Uncharted 2's multiplayer modes were going to be any good. Instead, the question the game's beta must answer is whether they're going to be relevant as well.

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TheGamer3386d ago

Everything is perfect yet I am sure EDGE will give a rating of about 7/10

table3386d ago

The only thing they seemed to not like was the amount of detail in the game... so yes, I agree that will probably mean 7/10 because of too much detail.

Rock Bottom3386d ago

From the hand-on preview: "and the result is, at least initially, so much detail that the landscape can become difficult to read."

Haha, Edge found a way to criticize the best graphic on a console game yet, and turn it into a bad thing.

Man those guys are dedicated to their cause.

SnuggleBandit3386d ago

lol yep they even couldn't resist making a gears of war reference...

Rainstorm813386d ago

From Games come 2nd at E3 to
Game of the Year means nothing to
Too much detail in a game being a problem.

I guess when you see great things come from places you hate it changes your outlook on life.

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Unicron3386d ago

LOL. Some gorgeous level design, both technically, aesthetically, and in functional layout... and now "too much detail" is a bad thing?