New Jumpgate Evolution Screens

Codemasters has released several new images of its upcoming title, Jumpgate Evolution.

The images show parts of the Descent scenario that was featured at E3, some new ships and regions of space that players will encounter as they explore the game.

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thetamer3386d ago

THis is a title that is going to change the way flight sim mmos work! I can't wait for this at all. BRING IT ON

Redrudy3386d ago

Has there been any other flight sim mmos?

JBaby3433386d ago

Can't wait for more info on this game. Graphics look nice too.

Dorjan3386d ago

Looking real sweet!


Medievaldragon3386d ago

I really want to give this game a try ever since I saw it showcased at the New York Comic Con. GIMME BETAZ

Leord3386d ago

A little EVE-inspired? :)

Perjoss3386d ago

gameplay wise i don't really like EVE but I do think it looks better that this game graphically. I apreciate EVE for what it is and think its amazing in some respects, all players on one server and player run economy, well, player run everything pretty much, its just not my cup of tea.

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