Gamers and developers have different tastes in gaming, says bio study

Consumers are less interested in game narrative and cut-scenes than developers themselves.

This account of a division between players and creators comes from business consultant group Absolute Quality, who have for the past few months been commissioning bio-sensory feedback tests on both developers and target consumers.

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Ninjamonkey3351d ago

Well developers for games will obviously be quite clever and may be more interested in finding out information and having well thought out pieces.

Also i hope this doesnt mean they do less cutscenes, MGS4 is still my favourite game becuase it actually had something to it.

Redgehammer3351d ago

the narrative is almost as important to me as the game play it self, if i want to play a game with no plot i will play peggle until my eyes bleed.. i love the cutscence.. one caveat to that is that the must be done well