Gamertell Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for Wii

From the review, "Back in 1991, Final Fantasy II/Final Fantasy IV was released for the SNES. So, it is only fitting that 18 years later Final Fantasy IV: The After Years be released as a WiiWare game. For those who remember playing the original game back on their SNES systems, it resurrects fond memories of those days and experiences.

At the same time, it's also a wonderful game for new fans who discovered Final Fantasy IV through the PlayStation, Game Boy Advance or DS remakes of the game. The only thing is, the first portion is only a sampling. The initial 800 point purchase includes Ceodore, Cecil and Kain's stories, known as 'Return of the Moon,' 'The Last of the Red Wings' and 'Return of the Dragoon...'"

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phantomexe3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

I love it.It's a game that hits that game spot that games just don't alwasy do anymore.I'd drop 50 dollors for it because they don't make rpg like ff the after anymore.IMO SE focas on the way there games look now and less on the epic story that they use to.Don't get me wrong i love any rpg SE makes but nothing is better then a good epic rpg story.Take a look at golden sun.