Assassins Creed II Gameplay Footage

Microsoft has made available today on the XBL Marketplace, a 4 minute clip that showcases gameplay with developer commentary.

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Tony999Montana3324d ago

Is it the same footage from the Sony E3 conference or a new section?

AngryAmoeba3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

probably not new. i don't think they would do that. they have a massive hype machine to maintain, which means only a teaser here and a glimpse there.

SirSpoon3324d ago

It's new footage with the developers talking along with it.

SevWolf3324d ago

can I have a link or smthn I wanna see it..curious what they showed

SevWolf3324d ago

I cant edit anymore, but here it goes..I didnt disagree with you, who ever did is an idiot, Im just still waitin on a link, cause my 360 aint with me right now

aaron58293324d ago

Some people use the Agree/Disagree buttons to simply answer you..Yes/No.

But i was not the one who clicked the disagree... LOL.

On-Topic : I'm quite excited about AC2. Played the first one, and it bored the hell outa me... but i think AC2 will feature a huge improvement.

At least, i hope so.

Dellis3324d ago

The E3 DEMO= NOT AN ACTUAL MISSION IN THE GAME, they specifically create a demo for E3.

Gamersyde interview revealed this

koouunn3324d ago

i have to download this later. but is there any link to watch it online?

DNAgent3324d ago

I'll be sure to pick up this game as well as the PSP version so I can add the exclusive content to AC2.

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