Koku Gamer: Neutopia Video Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Neutopia was one of the Turbo Graphx's most beloved titles. However, Nintendo fans will immediately notice upon playing that it bears a striking resemblance to another highly successful RPG released for the original NES, The Legend of Zelda. Neutopia places you in a similar quest, doing similar things and even fighting similar monsters as Link did several years earlier. Still, despite being a blatant copycat, Neutopia isn't a bad game. It offers an extensive quest and several other smaller elements that make it worth playing."

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Wonderfulwest3357d ago

looks good cant wiat to play this

Cinotix3357d ago

Nothing will replace Zelda, although not a bad game.

Ziriux3357d ago

I remember playing this game years ago, don't' remember much, but it was very repetitive, I couldn't stand to play it to the end.

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