Doom Co-creator Says Consoles Need 'Massive Rethink'

Romero believes consoles will start to lose traction as multi-core processors become cheaper and cheaper to manufacture and sell to a mass audience, and the PC industry's in for a massive shift as they start to accommodate this change.

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THWIP4264d ago

But,just so you know, your credibility in the gaming industry, died along with Diakatana. :o

Silverwolf4264d ago

Just what we needed another jacka$$ predicting the future! I never knew there were so many pyhics in the tech industry.

highps34264d ago

I want to see 2x 8800 gtx's or 2x x2900's put to use..

Consoles are already dated and just becoming more and more of a joke. Gamers got screwed once again with consoles.

*Goes and builds High End PC

ItsDubC4264d ago

A huge advantage that developers have in creating games for consoles rather than PCs is that they know exactly what hardware the end-user will have. I don't think it's feasible for a developer to spend time trying to squeeze every last bit of performance out of two 8800 GTXs if hardly anyone will actually have that setup.

And despite the PS3's hefty pricetag, consoles are still not costing anywhere near as much as it costs to build a high-end PC, both in terms of time and money.

shikwan4264d ago

At some point, the reporter should've STOPPED taking notes during the interview, realizing this guy is as smart as a goldfish.

Any idiot can be interviewed. It's the reporter who CHOSES to waste his time bringing you garbage.

ITR4264d ago

I keep thinking whats the point of some console games when most end up right on the PC shelf or are just PC ports to console to begin with.

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The story is too old to be commented.