Loot Ninja: E309: Hands on with God of War 3

Loot Ninja writes: "I'm honestly not sure what words I can say that convey the awesomeness, epic scale, and sheer brutality of God of War 3. You've seen the trailers and gameplay demo videos (if you haven't, check your gamer card at the door). I got to play the demo at E3 twice. Yes, I stood in line. Yes, I enjoyed every minute."

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--joshua--3357d ago

I must say I'm really pumped for this game. I wouldn't think twice about paying $150 for some sort of special edition. I love this franchise. Too bad it ends with this one, or does it?

how about a nice game of chess?

Rama262853357d ago


You heard it here first, the next God of War game is going to be Chess!!