FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Screenshots

Developed by Bugbear Entertainment, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is rebuilt from the ground up and specifically developed to utilize and take advantage of the additional feature sets and improved processing ability of the Xbox 360 to produce an entirely new, breathtaking FlatOut experience.

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God of Gaming4269d ago

I really like the style they are going with on this one. In the past they have been kinda cartoonish as far as style, this is more serious and looks fantastic. I sure hope it plays like Burnout as far as control.

highps34269d ago

Sure hope there is more then those screenshots because they dont match Motorstorm.

Wait to see it in action. How many car games are coming out for the 360? Id pick up forza rather then this is i were to choose.

PS360PCROCKS4269d ago

Never played the original but these look pretty good

power of Green 4269d ago

Pretending to be responding to #1 comment as if #1s comment was the type to be responded to. Bash away!, Bash away. Who Fucin cares about MotorStorm its an average game.

techie4269d ago

now now. We all know why it got those scores...lack of different modes (and tracks) something which Burnout has in past lived up to and surpassed with it's many modes (with only an average of 6 tracks per game...less than motorstorm)...but motorstorm got everything else spot on.

Is flatout good? What modes does it have?

God of Gaming4269d ago

Flatout has always been fun, but not something that draws you for more than the period of a rental. Usually the highlight of the game is the mini games which allows you to launch your driver into bullseye's and other very crazy things. The actual races were very fun but I always felt the controls were too floaty. Hopefully they fix this up. Its also a much slower game than Burnout (what game isnt), and the speed of the game probobly is more along the lines of Motorstorm.. maybe a bit slower.

These screenshots have me excited, and I certainly was not excited before them.

God of Gaming4269d ago

Edit: Hit the button twice... double post..

techie4269d ago

I'm a massive fan of I think I'll stay there.

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Montster4268d ago

This games gonna prawn all, can't wait.