Comparison: power consumption of PS3, 360 and Wii did a comparison on power consumption for the three consoles. According to them, given the high electricity prices many gamers or their parents are wondering: how much money my console costs me by its power? The answer depends on what console you call your own.

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anh_duong3325d ago

old data.. please can we not use old data on the old ps3 and old xbox.. lazy journalist using old data

Defectiv3_Detectiv33325d ago

The amount of power it takes to run the fans alone is enough to blackout a city block!

IdleLeeSiuLung3325d ago

I don't know about the PS3 (since the power is internal and I never had a need to look for it), but my Xbox 360 (Falcon) the power brick is rated at 175W. The newer consoles are rated at 150W so yeah, those numbers are definitely old.

SkyGamer3325d ago

All I know is that my friend had a ps3 and played ff11 on it a lot and he was stuck with a 345 dollar power bill. He runs a pump (lives out in the country) and heaters and baseboard heat and cook and all that comes to 135 dollars in the winter without the ps3. He will never buy another ps3 again due to that. He thinks it's a great machine but the amount of power he pays, he can buy an X360 system with at least 2 games every month just alone for the power consumption of the ps3 (rrod victim). I feel sorry for the people who are duped into using folding at home who pay their own power bills, yikes!

anh_duong3324d ago

The 80GB PS3 used 130 watts of power while playing MGS4, whereas the 40GB version used 155.2 watts of power. That’s not all, on idle the 80GB version uses 111.9 watts, whereas the 40GB model used 125.8 watts when idle on the XMB.


Syronicus3324d ago

Well, your friend is getting ripped off by the power company or he is lying. Take your pick. I have appliances that run all day every day and use more power than the PS3 and yet have never had a bill higher than 150 per month.

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TheTimeDoctor3325d ago

The PS3 200.3 watts,
the Xbox 360 to 183 watts
the Wii 18.2 watts.

Dsnyder3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

more power consumption=quality.

Kushan3325d ago

"more power consumption=quality."

Idiot logic. More power consumption often just means inefficiency. Take, for example, the amount of power your TV uses when on and when in standby. The difference is only something like 5% in many cases, but would you argue that the blank stanby screen is only 5% less entertaining?

Or how about the processors of old? Most processors today still use the same (or less) power than the processors we had 10 years ago, are you trying to say their quality is no better?

DJ3325d ago

That's great and all, but these processors were released within two years of each other, not ten.

And yes, a CPU with 9 cores is going to use more power than a CPU with 3 cores, or 1 core.

Pandamobile3325d ago

PS3 has one core, with 7 SPE's, not 9 cores...

Do some research.

DJ3325d ago

They process SIMD and general purpose code, can do DMA requests, talk directly to every core on the CPU (including the PPU), and delegate their own tasks.

They even have atomic cache units and their own memory pools in the form of Local Storage, and are widely recognized by the development community as being more powerful and more reliable than the PPU core on Cell.

Looks like you're either in denial, or listening to Microsoft's propoganda from 2005.

Pandamobile3325d ago

I don't give a rat's ass about Microsoft.

I am a hardware junky though. The SPU's in a cell CPU aren't really comparable to a standard x86 CPU core.

theEnemy3325d ago

the 80GB(BC Compatible) eats more power consumptions than the latest models now ?

DJ3325d ago

Use something like 20% less power, and run cooler.

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CSM-101e3325d ago

the Zen of Google Translate:

"Electricity can be of course with a stream switching costs. As an exemplary flow compared Munich shows can be a good provider in the year 200 euro compared to the basic price suppliers save."

Dammit, the secret to life is in there somewhere...

iamtehpwn3325d ago

how many balls does your girlfriend have?

CSM-101e3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

...girlfriend...balls...I think I missed an important step in your understanding of "secret of life".

deshon093325d ago

on i think we all knew this the ps3 is much bigger than both the wii and 360 so it only makes sence

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