Smash Up A Car: Get Red Faction: Guerilla Free

Gaming Union writes "Red Faction: Guerilla is all about the destruction, so the European division of THQ decided they'd let people cause some destruction of their own.

After chaining a sledgehammer to a car in Covert Garden, London, they placed 100 copies of Red Faction: Guerilla inside the car and encouraged passers-by to 'smash and grab' in order to get their hands on the game for free."

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Selyah3357d ago

From the sounds of it i'm quite surprised they were even able to do this oO

Cajun Chicken3357d ago


I sure hope the car had sugar glass, that type of thing could hurt someone, actually what if someone pulled a muscle or something? THQ could get sued!
This is an insane PR stunt, but I like it.

Also, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a damn good game!

mephman3357d ago

They might have had to sign a disclaimed or something, but it's rather crazy in this day in age. xD