Dragon Quest IX Screenshots

With just one month to go until Japanese release, Square Enix provided a look today at another side of Dragon Quest IX. These new screenshots show some characters who play an important role in the game's story.

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SpoonyRedMage3352d ago

Game looks awesome, good mix between the old and new DQs.

Great work guys!(That includes Armor Project, Bird Studio, Koigi Sugiyama and Level 5!)

TheColbertinator3352d ago

With all that talent pushing DQ9,it might end up as the greatest DQ game of all time

kingdavid3351d ago

could personally be the best game on the ds for me.

SpoonyRedMage3351d ago

Yup, very possible but it has some good competition. Mostly from other Square Enix games but also awesomeness like Golden Sun DS.

PS360WII3351d ago

Must. Have. Now. :)

Looking good Level 5 and SE joining bits of everything into it. Gonna be fun to find out the story behind this one.