Weakly Facepalm: Skewed Racer Poll Skewers Everyone

Loading Reality writes: "Turn 10, developers behind the Forza franchise, have gotten themselves in a heap of virtual trouble for interfering with a CNET poll asking whether Forza 3 or Gran Turismo 5 will be better... as if we would know right now. For votes on the poll, Turn 10 tempted users with a Forza 2 rare car as an enticement. Once the blogoshpere got hold of this, the issue blew up in Turn 10's face, but it's faceplams all around, not just for the hapless marketing stunt."

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CSM-101e3386d ago

and fitting a pedophile reference into a GT5/Forza debate; that's SO high class. Really, you should be proud.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3386d ago

He claims the Cnet poll shouldnt have been a big deal, then he goes and makes a big deal out of it.


zok3103386d ago

Turn 10 got destroyed by the GT community.. lol. The games are not even out yet...

glennc3386d ago

who says it backfired? they got a heap of publicity out of it and given the nature of the dumbass poll only PS3 owners felt the need to cry foul. That doesn't really effect sales on an xbox game does it?