Get a PlayStation 3 with 2 controllers for $249.99

Rick Broida -

So Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day is an 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 for $349.99. That's not bad, considering how rare it is to see the console selling below the $399.99 list price.
Then I got to wondering if Sony was still offering that credit-card deal, the one that nets you a $150 credit with a purchase of $299 or more. Sure enough, they just kicked off another promotion (this one ending June 20), which means you can get an 80GB PlayStation 3 for $249.99.

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Yokan3389d ago

This is better than Terminator bundle

locos853389d ago

Come on now. You know the Terminator bundle will be flying off the shelves. I myself have been waiting for it since I found out about it. /sarcasm.

249.99 is a pretty awesome price.

Jeromejones3389d ago

gonorrhea is better then the terminator bundle.

Solidsnakex233389d ago

Just because u have it doesn't make it better =P

themyk3389d ago

I bbeat terminator in four hours

eagle213389d ago

$349 seems like a sweet spot. :p

360 isn't even in top

Lifendz3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

and price is impeding you're ability to get one, then you only have yourself to blame if you pass on a deal like this (assuming you have the requisite credit score). Seriously, I might sign up for the card just to buy a PS3 for 249.99 and sell it for whatever the going rate on Ebay is.

Masta_fro3389d ago

Congratulate me i just bought ma 2nd PS3!!!

First one was sold a year ago to my cousin...

edgeofblade3389d ago

Damn, that's a good deal. For the cost of a Wii, you can get a PS3 and an extra controller. If I hadn't bought mine already, I'd go for it.

ChampIDC3389d ago

Blast, I'd buy one if my parents wouldn't flip out. I'm still hiding my PSP from them. Can't hide a PS3 too easily...

FamilyGuy3389d ago

This deal seems good over time but if you just want the system amazons free shipping is great along with no sales tax is in some areas (like the state of California where i live)

direct link

cmrbe3389d ago

is not that bad. It was surprisingly good.

JoySticksFTW3389d ago

And for 360 hold-outs, dell is selling the 60GB 360 for $239.99

Pretty sweet deal if you don't want to go with the 360 Game of the Year bundle with Halo3 and Fable II.

I'm not a Halo fan, so I might just sell it or go for the dell deal.


I had this card during the PS2 Era. The card would give you 1 point for every dollar you spend and 3 points for every dollar you spend on Sony products. There were specials too where you'd get 5 points for every dollar you spend on Sony products.

I ended up getting 10 free PS2 games last generation using this card. This is an absolute benefit for those looking to buy a PS3 and build a collection. Even better if you like to buy Sony products. A credit is still worth money even though it's a credit. I recommend.

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rucky3389d ago

This goes to show how dumb Cnet is. You only get $150 back when you purchase $299 or more at

Godmars2903389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Considering that a PS3 is over $299, the only proper response to your statement is: so?

Like has physical retail outlets?

toxikon3389d ago

Not sure if they changed it but I got my PS3 with the sonystyle credit card when they were offering 100 off. At that time it was at any official sony retailer which Amazon happens to be. Which is were I bought mine. Pretty sure its the same now, which means you can get it for 249.99.

Mo0eY3389d ago

Toxikon is right, rucky's wrong.

This is eligible on any officially supported website. Read the details before you do something like this.

rucky3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Nope read the fine prints yourself

"1. Your first single sales receipt purchase made at, equal or greater than $299 ("Qualifying Purchase") will automatically qualify you for a $150 Statement Credit."

I called Sonystyle and chase myself to confirm this a couple of weeks ago. You can take the chance using the card somewhere else if you want, I heard of some instances of it working.

@2.1 The price isn't really my point. The point is I think you have to purchase at in order to get the $150. Anybody who was able to get the promo offer without ordering at Sonystyle feel free to correct me.

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Mr Face Creamer3389d ago

I think Sony is getting rid of all its old PS3 stock to suckers so it can unveil its PS3 slim.

Kinda harsh if true...

heyheyhey3389d ago

no.. it's $249, and it's also fun to read

this Sony Style deal has been available in the past..

shqype3389d ago

You guys are misreading the article.

It mentions that there are TWO PS3 deal available:
1) Amazon's Gold Box event where the PS3 is on sale for $349.99
2) Sony's promotion through SonyStyle where you get a $150 card credit after buying a regular-priced PS3.

You sign up for the SonyStyle credit card, and you're able to make a single purchase immediately on the website. Add the 80 GB PS3 to your cart (on SonyStyle) and pay for it (About $400 + tax/shipping). Within 8 weeks or so you will receive a $150 card credit.

What this means is if you pay only minimum payments (taking advantage of the no-interest financing), you can wait 8-12 weeks for the $150 card credit to kick in, and then you can just pay off the $250 + tax/shipping.

A great deal, if you ask me!

joydestroy3389d ago

yes, exactly. thanks for breaking it down for the mentally challenged haha.

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