Simon Furman spotlights StarCraft Comics interviewed famous The Transformers writer Simon Furman to go in-depth into the thrilling first story arc of the ongoing StarCraft Comic book series.

The comic book is based on Blizzard Entertainment's RTS game and paves the path to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

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Dorjan3322d ago

I love the look of these comics, I want them so badly

Leord3322d ago

I think the American typical style of comics is so much more appealing in franchises like SC and WoW...

SCFreelancer3322d ago

Are these comics telling a part of the main story or are they small stories on their own?

Leord3322d ago

Well, since they are based around the notion to kill Jim Raynor, they are related. I assume we'll see cameos in Single Player SC2, but they are probably not essential.

Cogo3322d ago

While they are smaller part, as someone said, they will probably tie in similarly to the WoW comics.

Medievaldragon3322d ago

In the interview Furman confirmed the comic book will have cameos of characters from the manga and the pocket books, as well as the game. And some of his plots will carry over on StarCraft II single player.

It's going to be like the WoW comic book whose plots are tied-in with the MMORPG.

Maticus3322d ago

Lol, the War Pigs :)

If the comic is as good as the Warcraft one I might give it a try.

Leord3322d ago

The WoW one tied in very nicely with the story line from quests. I wonder what level of interaction they will have here. As I said, cameos are a given, but they might even become a prime character in a map or two!

Cogo3322d ago

@ Maticus. It's indeed a quite funny name!

Medievaldragon3322d ago

It's really exciting to explore the StarCraft II single player setting through the eyes of a Dominion mercenary group.

They have to do the dirty work the people of the Dominion is not supposed to see. To the eyes of the people, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk is a noble man trying to keep order and protecting them from alien invasions.

In reality, he is crushing the human rebels with no mercy, hunting them, and massacring secretly entire colonies that are against his reign -- as you can read in the Tokyopop manga StarCraft: Frontline.

Simon Furman is a writer of the manga too, which blends perfectly with Wildstorm comics' ongoing series.

Leord3322d ago

In the lore, I wonder how many people actually believe the propaganda. Just referring back to ur world STASI etc. People knew they were oppressed...

Medievaldragon3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

According to the story in the manga, the people knows they were oppressed by the Confederacy, but Emperor Mengsk is also controlling the TV and Radio media to his advantage.

Basically the media presents the Dominion troops as heroes who go into missions against the Zerg and the Protoss to defend the people. None of the people knows that those Dominion troops are really exterminating human life across the human-inhabited planets. It is kept secret from the public.

Mengsk is annihilating anyone who protests his reign. You don't need to be a rebel with weapons. Just by saying anything against Mengsk (with your mouth) you get killed by the troops. Typical Ironfist government.

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