HP's DV2 Neo-book gets a dual-core

HP is the first, and thus far only vendor to offer an AMD Neo-based notebook, the DV2. Well, although it's still the only Neo around, the DV2 just got a bit better, with the addition of two dual-core CPUs.

Along with the Athlon Neo MV-40, The Pavilion DV2 will now be available with the Athlon Neo X2 L335 for $25 extra, or the Turion Neo X2 L625 for $75 extra. Both CPUs run at 1.6GHz, however, the Turion has twice as much L2 cache.

In case the integrated Radeon X1250 doesn't cut it for you, you can get a discrete HD 3410 with 512MB of memory and Vista Home Premium for $80. The list of options ends with a paint job. HP will charge you $25 if you want a white DV2.

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