GamesOnNet Review: Klonoa

In 1997, Namco released a 2D platformer for the original PlayStation called Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. The game was not a big success, but it was rather good, and as word got around, the game's second-hand price shot up and people became more interested. About a decade later, Klonoa's not exactly enjoying any more popularity, but has managed to star in no less than five different games. Since people still do not know who Klonoa is, Namco has decided to go back to the beginning to remake the original Klonoa game on the Wii with prettier graphics and without the lengthy subtitle in the hope that someone in the expanded Wii audience will care. They should, because Klonoa is a beautiful, solid platformer with just one problem – it is just a little too easy for its own good.

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