WAR Live Event "Rise Of The Tomb Kings"

Mythic Entertainment has today announced the final live event in Warhammer Online's Call To Arms expansion, Rise of the Tomb Kings.

In Europe from 17 to 24 June players from Order and Destruction must race each other to build airships that will take them to the upcoming new content, the Land of the Dead. The winning side gets to see and explore the new themed dungeon area first, giving them first pick of the new items available.

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Maticus3268d ago

These Live events are really good fun, I wish other games would introduce them. WoW does server-wide things occasionally, but more would be fun.

Leord3268d ago

Since they are the "challengers" as it were, compared to Wow, they have to make the extra effort.

In turn, Blizz will put more effort in. everyone wins! :D

SCFreelancer3268d ago

From what I have seen these events are usually quite messy because of the large amount of people joining in. The potential is there though!

Fyzzu3268d ago

Doesn't that have a few "g"s in it? :) WAAAGH! I thought, with exclamation mark.

...I'll get my coat.

Fyzzu3268d ago

I think Land of the Dead is going to revitalise WAR a bit. At least, I hope it does. It's got some very cool ideas in there, although I'm still waiting for other MMOs to pick up things like Public Quests.

Leord3268d ago

PvP truly rules in WAR compared to WoW.

SCFreelancer3268d ago

What makes it so much better then the pvp in Wow?

Uncommon Calibur3268d ago

I don't see how this will help too much. there are still way to many broken mechanics in this game and a few extremely unbalanced classes. not to mention server crashes during large scale pvp. If the 1.3 patch doesn't make a lot of people happy, there's a lot of talk about walking away.

Austin_SJ3268d ago

There are more options for PvP, and the loot doesn't get stupidly unbalancing