ActionTrip: PROTOTYPE Review

The summer brings with it the traditional measured quantity of Hollywood blockbuster flicks, accompanied by range of second-rate video games. This year would've proved to be no exception, if it weren't for a few releases we think will make this summer a bit more interesting for gamers.

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Ninver3351d ago

Uncharted2 > Gears of war2

Killzone2, Resistance2 (soon MAG) > Halo franchise

GOW3 > Ninja Blade lol

GT5:P (better yet GTPSP) > Forza3

Heavy Rain > Alan Waits

inFAMOUS > Crackdown (and soon to be crackdown2)

Undersiege > Halo Wars

Demons Soul > all rpg's on the turdfixme to date

White Knight Chronicles applys the finishing blow to the rpg genre.

Left for Dead1&2 = 2002 Turd

The Last Guardian > whole 360 library to date

LOL no matter what games the turdfixme has, the ps3 will always have a better quality title that embarrasses it. It truly is the epitome of an outdated turd. The whole turdfixme knob squad are the bums of this console gen.

No games to call your own on the poor mans console. I guess it's true when they say "you get what you pay for" lol. Epic fail on your behalf.