Gamasutra Interview: Hopelab, Virtual Heroes Talk New Re-Mission Game For Cancer Patients

Nonprofit Hopelab is teaming with serious games developer Virtual Heroes (America's Army) to create a new version of Re-Mission, a game Hopelab first released in 2006 to inspire and encourage kids suffering from cancer.

In the game, players pilot a microscopic robot named Roxie through the bodies of fictional patients to attack cancer cells and combat the side effects of treatment. According to Hopelab's own studies, which have been published in medical journals like Pediatrics, kids who play games like Re-Mission show positive therapeutic results, like taking their medications more consistently, and better understanding their illness.

Since the original game's release, it's been used at multiple medical centers globally, and HopeLab has also distributed more than 125,000 free copies of Re-Mission in 80 countries.

This new version in partnership with Virtual Heroes is funded by Hopelab partners Vivendi, the Annenberg Foundation, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

In this interview, Gamasutra speaks with both Hopelab communications director Richard Tate and Virtual Heroes managing director Jerry Heneghan about what's new with Re-Mission V2 and the team effort to use games for health.

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