UFC Undisputed: A Patch is in the Works

An Admin over on the community page has posted a quick Blog post to let the community know that a patch to fix the issue of online cheating via disconnecting from multiplayer matches, as well as other fixes.

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Pennywise3394d ago

Good. What a turn off that is.... I am like 35-12 and I should have way more wins.

Syko3394d ago

Ya I feel ya man, I am 103-31-1...But when I check my "Game Progress" it reads 173-35-1. Hopefully the patch will sync the server with the console for record keeping. (Some of these are player matches, but it does count people quitting after a KO or Tap in Ranked)

Either way when 40% of the people I destroy can't run to the Dashboard like they do now I will be a beast on this game even more than I am now. =)