Wired: Top 10 Game Trailers From E3

Going to the Electronic Entertainment Expo is all about playing videogames, but sometimes it's extremely fun just to watch.

Teaser trailers for newly announced titles never fail to get E3 audiences buzzing: There's nothing like a 30-second snippet of carefully cut gameplay footage (or even totally faked CGI) to foster excitement about games that won't be available for at least another year.

These 10 trailers knocked our socks off at this year's E3.

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TheHater3297d ago

"At Sony’s press conference, a live demo of Uncharted 2 garnered the loudest whoops and hollers from the long-suffering PlayStation fanboys."
.....WTF is this idiot taking about? PS3 owners had been enjoying great games since they got their system. Wire fail.

"This trailer, which appears to be made up almost entirely of gameplay footage, gives a sense of the rich graphics, detailed animations, flavorful characterizations and spectacular action set-pieces that make this series far more than just a Tomb Raider clone."
....The trailer was all Gameplay. I don't know WTF this idiot is taking about.

DFogz3297d ago

wow...I wonder how much acid and lsd was used in making that Beatles Rockband trailer lol