New Killzone 2 maps out today

The second Killzone 2 map pack, the Flash and Thunder map pack, is out today, adding re-designed versions of two fan favourites from Killzone 1.

The pack features Beach Head and Southern Hills maps, which are apparently "two of the best" arenas from the original Killzone - now completely remade for PS3.

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AndreVader243180d ago

Checking PS store every 5 minutes..... Not Yet released............. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

LiquifiedArt3180d ago

Problem was I stopped playing soon after last map-pack. I'll get back into it! First Gotta platinum deadspace!

Nineball21123180d ago

I'll be getting these as well. I've been playing other games recently, but this will get me back into it.

Rich16313180d ago

I will grabbing these along with the CoD 5 maps, and the Burnout Paradise Island. WOOT! CAN'T WAIT!

Ron Zook3180d ago

I think im going to pass. i barely play kz2 mp anymore it just got kinda cheezy after a while. it was fun the first few weeks when everyone was balanced. but the rocket whores and sniper scanners are just so lame! and $6 for two maps... get bent!

LiquifiedArt3180d ago

..but the assault class just got nerfed. Snipers neer gave me that much of a problem. Keep moving and your fine.

Kleptic3180d ago

almost no server ever has assault enabled anymore anyway...crap class to begin with, never should have been in the game...

i only see a lot of snipers on pyrrus rise...and even then, if you are moving none of them are usually good enough to hit you...

this is still my ill definitely be getting these, even though I bought the last pack...and no one ever plays them...they forget or simply chose not to put them in the rotation...

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