EA: Blur is completely underwhelming

EA has thrown down the gauntlet to rival mega publisher Activision, describing Bizarre's upcoming racer Blur as "completely underwhelming"

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green3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Blur footage from E3 was a complete joke.Real life cars with mario kart power-ups lol.Split/Second looks 10 times better.

Blaze9293357d ago

I thought it looked kind of cool >_>

PrimordialSoupBase3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

There are more wild and ambitious racers, sure, but it looks solid enough. You know, games can be good in numbers greater than one.

I don't get you people.

Gamer_Politics3357d ago

Blur is a joke compared to the PGR series....Bizarre should be ashamed of them selfs


don't worry, they will get the picture when it comes out and has to stand toe to toe with shift and Forza 3.

its a shame PGR was my favorite racing franchise a while back, but it felt like it was starting to go downhill with pgr4.

but ya, all that power up crap has put me off this game. i would rather give shift a try, even though i have never owned a NFS title before.

dogmeat eater3357d ago

But when the 3rd one came out it started to get bad. Then the 4th one was just garbage. They started to feel like arcade racing games.

peeps3357d ago

I enjoyed PGR3, PGR4 wasn't so good though :( i'm not too bothered as i actually won my copy in a PGR tournament :D


PGR 2 was the best, 3 was ok but not as good as 2. I still had logs of fun playing it but it had issues.

PGR 4 felt unfinished and after everything that has happened since then i think it has become clear that pgr4 was literally Unfinished ( maybe it would have turned out better, but who knows.

TheIneffableBob3357d ago

Hasn't PGR always been arcade-ish?

peeps3357d ago

yeh i was thinking that lol it's kinda a mix tbh. it's more sim than say burnout, but it's not half as hard to get into, can drift fairly easily etc

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AKNAA3357d ago

"He also had some choice words for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 exclusive Forza 3, saying it was “clear” that Need for Speed: Shift was better than Turn 10’s upcoming racer."

"Blur to me is completely underwhelming. I don’t understand what’s up with that game to be honest."

First, it was "360 is maxed out, now its forza 3 is No competition against NFS:shift and activisions blur, what kind of crap are they making comments?! Lol! funny how EA dares not to take any jabs at sony's GT???

Tony P3357d ago

^^^Well GT IS widely considered the eminent console racer. If you want to topple it you come prepared with more than talk.

Kinda hate when devs resort to this though. There is room for more than one good racer.

MriownBOTH3357d ago

don't forget NFS pro-street and undercover were a joke also......nfs shift better than forza..LOL

soxfan20053357d ago

I hope NFS Shift is amazing. I already have confidence that Forza 3 will be, so I'd love to have two great racing games to play later this year.

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