Halo Reach to Use Project Natal?

SKOAR! writes "Microsoft's uber motion controller looks to change the image of interactivity by transforming civilized deep fried carbohydrate junkies into estrogen dispensing machines through regular use of their motion controller titled "Project Natal"(pronounced as Nah-Tal for some obscure model of elitism). The other side of the spectrum that saw quite a bit of commotion was regarding the upcoming Halo games being mass produced at Bungie Studios. Although details regarding Halo:Reach are scarce ,we did manage to decode the silhouettes that were shown as a part the teaser trailer. There is ample evidence that the community has received across time that this may indeed be the mysterious and cloaked image of Halo:Chronicles and will incorporate Project Natal."

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Jumper093203d ago

no way..
Halo = Only with a real Controller in my Hands

281219863203d ago

gonna incorporate it in some sequences...optional mode perhaps...

u got owned3203d ago

Hopefully not, that would be the end of Halo.

100003203d ago

than a bunch of teddys trolling around

Mo0eY3203d ago

Please incorporate this into Halo, M$, so this highly overrated franchise will finally die.

3203d ago
The Master Chief3203d ago

I bet you play the game with a controller but there are sections where you use Natal and combine both at the same time. Microsft said something about this.

FreeMonk3203d ago

god I hope not.

I can't imagine how MS would pull off a FPS game with a motion camera.

Stick with the controller MS...please!

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

how will you shoot,jump, and cover...(if it adds a cover system)

GVON3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I thought this days ago,I thought the name gave it away

poopface13203d ago


RememberThe3573203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

How much is Nata supposed to cost? Because if it's only used in sections of the game it might feel like a rip off.

EDIT: Aw look at poopface. Missed out on some pretty good games did you?

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100003203d ago

ODST has finally gotten me into the scenario again, I was disappointed with 2 and 3's single player, Mutiplayer is a whole lotta fun I ve to admit...I guess if you got games to lay with buddies even the crapiest game looks good

Nice3203d ago

they'll love to rip this game apart if it uses Natal....

natalisthefuture3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

they're coming i can hear them coming out of their caves.

Mo0eY3203d ago

Halo Reach for the red jumpsuit.

da720izcumin3203d ago

SDF has been quiet lately...
i wonder if it has anything to do with the postponing of their year to next year....again!

krouse933203d ago

where is the pause button how do i throw a grenade and then switch guns? how do i reload can i zoom in and aim better or no? how bout an action button? no? hmm i guess this won't work with all games then.

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Godmars2903203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Nothing better would give them a "million seller first week/day" report in the news.

So what if millions more Halo fans raise issue about having to buy Natal, or that doesn't feel like Halo once they get it.

Nice3203d ago

but feels a bit like far cry 2 where you can roam around in the environment and reach your waypoint, hopefully Bungie should "keep it CLEAN" so that the learning trajectory remains simple enough...

Nice3203d ago

but I really want to see how this balance shall be maintained...

specialguest3203d ago

I believe one possible thought in this is that if Natal can successfully be incorporated in Halo and works out well, then it can work for other traditional games as well. What better 1st party franchise than Halo?

Nice3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

My EYE can see the sex minigame in GOWIII, you NASAL oops NAHTALL can only teabag..SDF wins...

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