Ubisoft Confirms Camera For Wii Exer-Game

Third-party publisher Ubisoft has taken camera technology into its own hands, giving details on Wednesday of a body-tracking camera for use with the upcoming Wii exer-game, Your Shape.

Ubisoft said that the camera uses "proprietary body tracking technology," and will be packaged with Your Shape. The bundle is slated for release this holiday worldwide for a price to be announced.

The French publisher said in a statement, "...The game will scan your body and then project the image onto the TV, creating a personalized and interactive workout. Based on your specific body shape analysis, fitness level and personal goals, Your Shape is able to recommend the workout program that is best suited for you."

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Shnazzyone3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Who knew Ubi would bring out the first software to utilize a camera on the wii. It'll be the third party eyetoy! though sadly it's only going to work for that one game and maybe a second. If only nintendo would do it.